MQM USA Donates to Somalia Tsunami Fund Through United Nations A check of $5000 handed over to "USA for UNHCR" in Washington DC. (Jan-13-2004)

A delegation comprising MQM USA's central organizer Ibad Ur Rehman, member central organizing committee Sabihul Islam and Joint Incahrge MQM Washington DC unit Saleem Sheikh visited the head offices of the United States Association for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Washington DC where they were warmly greeted by Ms. Caryl Garcia, the executive Director.
MQM USA's delegation, along with Ms. Caryl Garcia met with UNHCR'sCoordinator for external affairs Mr. John Fredricksson and presented him a check for $5000 towards its relief activities in Somalia and a letter of condolence from MQM's founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. Ms. Garcia and Mr. Fredriksson discussed in length their activities in Somalia and other Tsunami hit areas. UNHCR's officials praised MQM's efforts and thanked Mr. Altaf Hussain and his volunteers throughout the world for their valuable share in Tsunami relief efforts.
MQM USA announced today that its formal campaign for Tsunami relief is concluded now however various units will continue to raise funds by holding public events in their respective units until the end of January 2005. Central Organzier Ibad U. Rehman and the central organizing committee of MQM USA acknowledged the hard work put on by the workers throughout the United States and congratulated them for their successful campaign.