Your browser may not support display of this image.Your browser may not support display of this image.America Goes To Polls Today! 

Your browser may not support display of this image.United States of America, November 4, 2008: The people of United States of America are all set to decide their destiny today when they are going to polls to elect their next President for the next 4 years. As per traditions, the two main contestant parties are The Democrats and the Republicans which have projected their candidates Barack Obama and John McCain respectively. Both of these candidates have gone to the people of America in their election campaign with a host of diversified issues and their solutions, nonetheless, the most important and overlapping issue in the minds of a common American is the economy of the country. While 62% of the people of United States of America are complaining of slow, rather declining economy, price hike, unemployment, and uncertain financial future of a common man in United States, both the contestants are tying this issue to the war against terrorism. Democrats have the version that the economy and financial future of the country is at stake due to the open fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a GOPís general attitude of fighting an unending war against terrorism, the Republicans think that this is the global environment of fear staged by the international terrorism which is the root cause of declining economy. Amidst all this tug of war during the election campaigns, however, these elections have emerged out to be the most interesting elections in the history of United States of America. If on one hand there is an issue of race, then on the other hand the age is a roaming question in the mind of voters. Nonetheless, the winner has to stand up to the expectations of the common man of America. Letís hope for the best and letís pray for the prosperity of America.