MQM USA Observing June 19 as a Black Day.
All units to offer fatihas for the Haq Parast Martyrs.

Central Organizer Ajaz Siddiqi and the members of the central organizing committee of the MQM United States have announced that June 19 is to be marked as a black day and all units of the MQM USA are to offer fatihas in remembrance of martyrs of the State operated MQM crush operation that was initiated by the security forces on June 19, 1992. This oppression was continued for almost a decade and there were over 15 thousand MQM workers and supporters killed during this brutal and naked state terrorism.


MQM USA prays that May Allah Bring comfort to their families and give us a strength and courage to continue the struggle in which thousands of fellow sathis have given their lives.  We shall not let their sacrifices go fruitless.  Amen!


May Allah Bless Altaf Bhai

May Allah Bless MQM