The Blood Of The Martyrs Of MQMs Movement Has Galvanized The Foundations Of The Movement: MQM USA

MQM USA Central Organizing Committee Meets To Commemorate Yaum e Shuhada (The Day Of Martyrs) And To Offer Prayers And Fatiha For The Martyrs.

Media Cell, MQM USA; New York; December 09, 2008: MQM is the only movement in Pakistan in which the workers sacrificed their own lives in such a large number, so much so that the leader of the movement Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain not only sacrificed his friends and associates, but also his own brother and nephew. This was said in a meeting of the Central Organizing Committee of MQM USA held today to commemorate Yaum e Shuhada (The Day of Martyrs), and the death anniversary of the mother of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain. The Central Organizer Ajaz Siddiqui, while addressing to the members of the Central Organizing Committee said that the blood of the martyrs of MQMs Movement has not gone down the drain, and in fact this blood has galvanized the foundations of the movement and the fruit of these sacrifices will be reaped for many generations. He further added that workers of many movements have given sacrifices but not close to the magnitude of the sacrifices of MQM and to the extent that Quaid e Tehreek himself sacrificed his close kith and kin which include his brother Nasir Hussain (Shaheed) and his nephew Arif Hussain (Shaheed). He said that history of the movement is full of sacrifices and the workers of MQM had never been shy of giving their lives in the just cause of Truth. The Central Organizer further said that this Day of Martyrs (Yaum e Shuhada) not only marks the day of the Shahadah in the relatives of Quaid e Tehreek, it also reminds us of all the lives given in the struggle against tyranny and in alleviating injustice from the society. He said that all of us must make resolution on this day every year that we will never forget our Martyrs as the conscientious nations never forget their martyrs and this is the death of a martyr which gives life to the cause of a movement. In the end Fatiha and prayers were offered for Arif Hussain Shaheed, Nasir Hussain Shaheed and all the martyrs of the movement with the pray that may Allah rest the souls of all these people in eternal peace. Special prayers were offered for Mrs. Khursheed Begum, mother of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain on her death anniversary.