MQM Chicago Chapter Celebrated Public Meeting with
Ex Mayor Karachi and Member of Rabita Committee, Syed Mustafa Kamal
and Moid Siddiqui, MPA Sindh

The evening was attended by large number of MQM workers and their families, MQM office bearers and people from all walks of life also enjoyed this prestigious evening and showed their respect and love. 


Report by Jawaid Riaz, Correspondent Urdu Time, Chicago Bureau.

MQM Chicago organized an evening with Syed Mustafa Kamal, Ex Mayor Karachi and Moid Siddiqui MPA Sindh at TAFT High school on Saturday, May 01, 2010.  An admirable number of workers and office bearers and their families, Poets, Writers, Educationists, Community leaders and members attended the evening to be evidence their respect and love for Ex Mayor Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal.

Masroor Qureshi Joint In charge Ghawara Adab conducts the evening and welcomed the guests.

Rasheed Sheikh recited the Holy Quran and Tariq Fatimee presented a Naat of Rasoole Maqbool SAW.

Moid Siddiqui, Ex Member of Central Organizing Committee and MPA Sindh presided the evening and congratulated the workers and attendees to arrange this program. He said that the MQM beliefs on serving and fighting for the 98 percent of the exploited class 

Khairul Bashar,
President of NED Alumni, welcomed the Ex Mayor Karachi and in his address, he said that the objective of this alumnus is to bring all the old students of NED University at one platform, and he urges the attendees to support the all the un complete  projects started by city district government .

Jawaid Riaz Director of UOKAA addressed the audience and said that we always talk about our rights and never talk about our duties but now, is the time to pay back and we should think that what we can do for our University. He also pays tribute to Syed Mustafa Kamal for his achievements, and his award of world global leader.

Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Organizer MQM North America addressed the audience and briefly discussed the MQM philosophy and success and invited the peoples to support and join the MQM Organization.

Junaid Fahmiee, Joint In charge MQM USA welcomed the guests and thanked. The workers and office bearers of Chicago chapter to organizing this appreciation program in such a short notice. 

Syed Mustafa Kamal
Ex Mayor Karachi and member of Rabita Committee in his address discussed his journey of  his success and said this is the credit should goes to MQM Quid Altaf Hussain for his support, guidance and broad vision. He added that 100 or 200 Mustafa Kamal can not do the job, if there is no philosophy or a Quid like Altaf Hussain Bhai is not behind you, he urged the people to come and join the MQM Philosophy and save the Pakistan as the country is now incentive care unit and MQM by the grace of God is the only party is providing the Oxygen and acting as a ventilator. He thanked the residents of Chicago for listening and joins him in such a short notice.

The evening was attended by Iqbal Hussain, Wahid Butt , Raja Razzaq, Ilyas Khokhar of Pakistan Day Parade Committee , Raja Yaquoob, Yaseen Chohan, Mehmood Kishwar and Choudhry Aslam of Pakistan Muslim League (N), Bloch Leader Umrani . Senior Poet of Chicago Land, Shahid Alig and Sheikh Rasheed presented poems. The evening came to an end at mid night and all the attendees served by a dinner box from MQM workers in a very humble and courteous way.