Condolence (May-4-2006)

With profound sadness MQM USA informs everyone that a senior worker of the MQM and the liaison for MQM USA in Pakistan, Zubair Fasih bhai has died in a tragic car accident in Moro, Sindh this afternoon. Inallaha Wa Inalalehe Wa rajaoon.

Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai and the Rabita committee of the MQM has also issued their condolence messages and termed his death as a great loss for the MQM.

Zubair Fasih bhai had joined APMSO and the MQM in 1987, joined MQM Labor Division's Education unit back in 1991, became committee member for North Nazimabad unit 178 in 1992, actively played his organizational role during the brutal operation clean-up between 1992 till 1999, performed his duties as North Nazimabad sector committee member during those hard times. For the last several months he was given special duties by the MQM United States to work as its liaison in arranging resources from Pakistan with regards to Earth Quake Relief activities in USA. He performed exemplary services for MQM USA while still doing his regular and hectic organizational duties in Pakistan.

Zubair Fasih Bhai was a die-hard worker of the MQM and a extremely strong believer of Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Bhai's leadership. He was anxious to go and meet with Altaf Bhai in London and after several years of his efforts he had finally got his necessary visas just last week. He was scheduled to leave for England next week after finishing up his duties in arranging MQM's Jashn-e-Lateef in Khairpur. At the time of his car accident, he was near Moro enroute to Khairpur. He died in the line of his organizational commitment.

MQM USA's central organizer, joint organizer, members of the central organizing committee, MQM North America's caretaker Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, all unit incharges, workers and supporters pray that may Allah bless his soul in peace and comfort, Ameen.

For Condolences, please call Shoaib Fasih (brother of Zubair Bhai) at: Mobile: 011-92-300-9246388 Home: 011-9221-6702474