Conspiracies Are Being Plotted In Islamabad And Lahore To Wipe Out The Existence Of MQM:
MQM Investigation Cell

The Conspiratorial Meetings Were Attended By The Top Brass From The Ruling Party As Well As Leaders Of Different Political And Religious Parties.

Jamaat e Islami, Sunni Tehreek, Haqiqi, Advocates, And Urdu Speaking Personalities Will Submit The Moral Basis For The Operation Against MQM.

As Per Plot Four Truckloads Of Weapons Was Brought To Karachi Which Went Underground.

The Nation Will Be Apprised Of Those Who Are Involved In This Conspiracy When The Time Will Demand.

Coordination Committee Should Hold The Meetings Of Workers And Public At The Basic Levels And Apprise Them Of These Heinous Plots.


Karachi April 14, 2008: The Investigation Cell of MQM has intimated the Coordination Committee that several meetings have been held in Islamabad and Lahore to design conspiracies and plots to wipe out the existence of MQM for good and these meetings are being attended not only by the top brass from the ruling party, these are also attended by leaders of different political and religious parties. Several plots and designs have been crafted in these meetings to wipe out the existence of MQM for good and the emphasis is being given on earliest possible execution of these plots. The mainstay of the decisions taken in these meetings has been to bring back the police officers to Karachi and Hyderabad who have played pivotal role in the operations against MQM on June 19, 1992. Under the same token several other police officers of bad reputation have been recommended for the postings in Sindh and some of them have already been posted. As per details of these conspiratorial endeavors Jamaat e Islami, Sunni Tehreek, Haqiqi, advocates, and some famous Urdu speaking personalities will provide the ethical basis for the launching of operation against MQM so as to avert the foreign diplomats against MQM too. These forces will hold MQM, at every instance, responsible for every wrongdoing on all public levels. Some leading journalists from electronic media have been heavily bribed so as they can cover those anti-MQM personalities fervently. The technical assistance will be provided by Naseerullah Baber. The student wing of PML (N), Pukhtoon Students Federation of ANP, PPP, Haqiqi, non-Mohajirs, and members of Bar Councils have been heavily loaded with sophisticated weapons. Under this pre-emption four truckloads of weapons was brought to Karachi last days and as per Government’s version these trucks, full of weapons, have vanished and gone underground. Criminals from interior Sindh and people from suburbs of Karachi who were involved in the incidences of December 27, 28, and 29, 2007, will be put at large so that they can victimize and persecute the urban population of Sindh and they will be fully propped up by the Sindh Police. In the last few days, those 336 people, from whose houses the loot stuff was procured and who were arraigned red handed by rangers and police, have been released on the orders of Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah and as a bargain deal the cases registered against these criminals have been withdrawn. Rangers will be called off of the educational institutions and will be deployed for the sole purpose of barbaric assaults and operation against Mohajirs and the execution of this operation will be also be initiated by the rangers so as to substantiate non-mohair student organizations. The leadership of MQM will be grilled and put to extremely difficult test, and an ethical basis will be created for the operation against MQM through blames and provocative measures with the help of advocates and media. MQM will be held responsible for the massacre of Nishter Park as well as for the incidences of 12th May, 18th October, and 9th April and ten of thousands of people will be arrested and subjected to extra-judicial killings. Using the same venues the leaders of MQM will also be executed and MQM will be alleged for those executions too. After further investigations by the Investigations Cell of MQM, at the demand of the time, the nation will be apprised of the names of those who are involved in these heinous plots and conspiracies against MQM. The Investigation Cell of MQM has requested the Coordination Committee of MQM to arrange and hold meetings of workers and public on emergency basis to unveil the plots against MQM.