Even They Could Not Help It; They Had To Say!


“We Cannot Deny Altaf Bhai’s Services To Humanity; I Salute The Dedication Of MQM Workers To The Services To The Humanity”.

Ali Ahmed Kurd, President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan


Ziarat, November 3, 2008: The spirit and enthusiasm of MQM workers, working in the earthquake affected areas of Baluchistan helping the victims of the earthquake and their families in the relief and rehabilitation work, is so worth watching and applauding that even Ali Ahmed Kurd, the newly elected President, Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan and who has been famous for his political hatred against MQM, had to admit and appreciate MQM’s services to Humanity. In his visit to a camp of Khidmat e Khalq Foundation, which is a social and human services wing of MQM, in Ziarat he said that he could not deny Altaf Bhai’s services to Humanity and mankind. He said that the spirit with which the workers of MQM helped the victims of earthquake in Kashmir was unforgettable and undeniable. He also applauded the dedication of MQM workers towards the services to humanity and mankind and the way they are helping the victims of earthquake in this rough weather in Baluchistan is nothing short of exemplary. He further said that He salutes MQM workers for their services to humanity.


“Aik Tum Hi Nahin, Yeh Khalqat Saari

Is Navishta e Deewar Ki Takraar Kare Gi”