Everyone Should Strike Back At The Talibanization In Karachi And Sindh:

Ibad Rehman, Nigraan, MQM USA


July 19, 2008: In a telephonic address, attended by workers from all layers of MQM USA and its wings, Nigraan, MQM USA, Ibad Rehman urged everyone in general, and in particular, the workers of MQM, to join hands to denounce and in reprehending the in pouring of Talibanization into Sind especially Karachi. The meeting called in emergency highlighting the importance of the issue Ibad Rehman abreast everyone with the conspiracy that is being hatched to besiege the southern port city. Stressing on the need to plan a crusade with robust and united strategy in tackling this epidemic he appealed everyone to take necessary actions. “Write to the newspapers, media representatives, or even local agencies, and update them with the onslaught of Taliban in Karachi”, He said. Taliban have managed to infiltrate and are making attempts to seep into the business hub like a worm. We must stop them!  We need to halt their onslaught before it is too late. The citizens of Karachi have for so long enjoyed the religious harmony and practiced freedom of religious beliefs; we will not allow radical group to take over the city. MQM will make sure that extremists Taliban will be dealt with the necessary force to put an end to their incarnation. MQM's mandate is real. Any attempt to steal that from them by force would be disastrous. We as human beings and especially as Muslims should take moral stands and should condemn atrocities and oppression regardless of the length of the beard of the one being oppressed. The forces of Status-quo are resilient, determined and we need to keep at it as well in whichever capacity we can. This monster has been well fed and won't go quietly.