Muttahida Quami Movement, USA, Denounces The Murder Of An Office Bearer Of MQM In Karachi.

Media Cell, MQM USA, New York, December 18, 2008: The Central Organizer Ajaz Siddiqui and the members of the Central Organizing Committee, MQM USA, in a statement have denounced, at its strongest terms, the murder of a peaceful and unprovoked Joint Unit Incharge of MQM in Karachi. They said that the murder of Ghulam Sharief, once again, is an unsuccessful effort of provoking the peaceful MQM workers on the cost of the peace and harmony in the city of Karachi. The Joint Unit Incharge of MQM Surjani Town Ghulam Sharief was attacked and murdered by armed terrorists in Surjani Town. Mr. Ghulam Sharief has been survived with a widow and a daughter of just three years of age. The office bearers of MQM USA said that the attacks on the peaceful workers of MQM is a connecting clip in the conspiratorial device of Talibanization of Karachi and giving the reigns of Karachi in the hands of religious fanatics, extremists, and fundamentalists. They also said that the conspiracy has also the incorporation and facilitation of those political parties and the so-called religious parties who have been rejected by people of Karachi in particular and the whole educated population of Pakistan in general. They reiterated that the MQM workers are organized under the leadership of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain and the flag of MQM which is the other name of discipline and will never provoke on these tactics. However, they further said that if the sequence of target killing of MQM workers will not be stopped and intervened at some level, the workers of MQM know how to take up the matter in their hands, resolve, and dispose the same properly.