It Happens Only In………………………Pakistan!


The Heartless Tribal Virtues! The Fruit Of The Loom Of The Feudal System!


United States of America, September 01, 2008: If you are shocked, don’t be! The feudal system prevailing in Pakistan can show you even more merciless scenes than this. As per one news item appearing in worldwide media, in tribal vicinity in Balochistan, five women including three underage girls were buried to the ground alive. You would think they might have committed adultery! You are wrong. They, all of these innocent women, just wanted marriage of their own choice. Do we see any stir in Pakistani media or legislature? Certainly not! What about human rights organizations in Pakistan? They are silent too! Because they see only what they want to see. Let’s go to the Legislature; what is happening over there? In Senate a Senator pacified the whole Senate (of course, not the Senators of MQM) by saying that this is a regular practice and virtue of some tribes in Pakistan and this is not a big deal! Means burying people alive, especially women, children, and girls is not a big deal. The Senator further added, with the same arrogance, that the law of the land should not intervene in this matter as this is a matter of our pride. Can we imagine that Senator, and may be many more like him, are a part of our legislative system in Pakistan? These people are there in the legislature just because of the prevailing feudal system which is nurturing these feudal lords. The root cause of all these atrocities, exploitation, merciless scenes, and heartless killings is the existing ‘Feudal System’ of Pakistan. Muttahida Quami Movement and its Quaid, Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain, are raising voice against the exploitation by the feudal system of Pakistan. We want elimination of this system. The only remedy of all the evils prevailing in Pakistan, which are the by-products of feudal system, is the elimination of the feudal system. Justice and feudal system can neither prevail nor flourish together. The Central Organizer, MQM USA, Ajaz Siddiqui and the members of the Central Organizing Committee MQM USA have condemned and deprecated, at their strongest terms, the heartless incident of burial of live women in Balochistan and said that this incidence raises goose bumps of any person who has a heart. They further said these are the issues Muttahida Quami Movement is fighting against, and Muttahida Quami Movement USA is standing by the side of Quaid e Tehreek in all his endeavors for bring justice to the land of Pakistan. The members of the Central Organizing Committee also demanded of the high ranking law enforcing officials to probe into the matter and bring the culprits to justice and let this incidence not be another precedent for future merciless killings in the name of pride.