MQM USA Discusses Karachi Mass Transit Program with the USTDA

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Washington DC; November 25, 2009: The Patron MQM USA Ibad Rehman and the Incharge Political Action Committee MQM USA Ajaz Siddiqi participated the other day at a transportation round table with the US Trade and Development agency in Washington DC. Various US transportation entities were also present at the occasion. MQM USA has shown deep interest in the latest and state of the art hydrogen superhighway mass transit technology to be implemented initially in Karachi followed by other cities of Pakistan.

A separate one-on-one presentation was given to MQM delegation by the "Worldwide Hydrogen Superhighway" founder and president Mr. Justin Sutton and Andre Sauvageot. This mass transit system would allow over 150 KM long atrial rail system to be implemented. Various financial institutions present have also agreed to do a feasibility study on the proposed project. USTDA is expected to issue an invitation to the Governor and the mayors of Karachi to come to Washington in January next year and formally initiate the negotiations.