Mayor Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal Delivers Lecture in Harvard University
More lecture Lined up in Top American Universities Including Columbia University

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Boston; November 06, 2009: The first-ever Mayor from Pakistan to deliver a lecture in world renowned Harvard University happens to be the MQMs Mayor, The City Nazim of Karachi who delivered an state-of-the-art-lecture to the students of Harvard University the other day. The Mayor was immensely articulate and vocal about the urban management and management strategies when he was giving lectures to the top notch students, and was even more confident when he was facing the questions form the intellectuals to-be of the world. In his lecture Syed Mustafa Kamal not only apprised the students of the Harvard University of his efforts in the development of Karachi, he also gave them a nutshell picture of MQM philosophy and the philosophy of Realism & Practicalism of the leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain. The students were also shown an interactive video presentation about the development of the City of Karachi. During the Q & A session the Mayor was also asked about the internal political situation of Pakistan and the wave of terrorism in that part of the world. Mayor explained the real status and also explained MQMs role in the anti-terrorism efforts. Many more lectures are lined up within few days in the renowned American Universities including Columbia University and during these lecture days the Mayor Karachi will also meet important political personalities in USA.