MQF (Muttahida Quami Fund) Is An Exclusive Connection Between Worker and Quaid e Tehreek:
Nigraan e Aala, MQM North America, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui

Promoting MQF Is An Individual Responsibility Of Every Individual Worker Of The Tehreek:
Nigran, MQM USA, Ibad Rehman

The Infra-Structure Of MQF in USA Will Be Reinforced And Galvanized On Priority Basis:
Acting Central Organizer, MQM USA, Kamal Zafar


March 12, 2008, USA: Muttahida Quami Fund (MQF) is an exclusive connection between a worker and Quaid e Tehreek and the subscription to the fund is more important than the amount subscribed. This was stated by Nigraan e Aala, MQM North America, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui while addressing to a Tele-conference arranged by MQM USA and attended by hundreds of workers and office bearers of MQM USA including Nigraan, MQM USA, Acting Central Organizer, Members, Central Organizing Committee, Members, Central Helping Committee, Members of Auxiliary Wings of MQM USA, Unit Incharge and Unit Committee Members. Nigraan e Aala also stressed on the workers that MQF should be taken as second habit by every workers. Speaking at the conference, The Nigraan, MQM USA, Ibad Rehman Advocate said that promoting MQF is an individual responsibility of each and every worker and the workers should not wait for their superiors for their reminders. He further added that MQF ledgers should be updated, and the dues must be paid by each worker by the end of this month. The Acting Central Organizer, MQM USA, Kamal Zafar reiterated at the conference that he and his team will try their best to reinforce, strengthen, and galvanize the infrastructure of MQF at USA level. He thanked Nigraan e Aala and Nigraan for their time to attend this Tele-conference. He also stressed on the workers and office bearers to chalk out solid plans and strategies for MQF promotion. The upcoming 4th Indo-Pak Yakjahti Mushaarah Series was also discussed in the conference and individual units gave their feed-backs for their participation in the upcoming series.