MQM USA Condemns in All Strongest Terms the Lynching of Mr. Tahir Khokar within the Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) USA in highly strong language condemns the torture of one of its elected members of the Azad Kashmir Assembly, Mr. Tahir Khokar. The incident transpired immediately after Mr. Khokar questioned Sardar Usman, the son of Sardar Atique ur rehman who is the current sitting Prime Minister of Kashmir, as to why the Prime Minister was taking up to 3 women with him on a foreign tour on government expense. The ruling party members including other ministers took this opportunity to mercilessly beat and seriously injure Mr. Khokar who eventually had to be evacuated to a local hospital in Muzaffarabad. Responding to this incident, Deputy Convener of MQM's Co-ordination Committee Dr. Farooq Sattar demanded that action be taken against the members of Azad Kashmir's Legislative Assembly who were responsible for committing this heinous crime.

Among the members of the Assembly implicated in the beatings are Muslim Conference leaders Hafiz Ahmed Raza, Qayyum Niazi, and Murtaza Gilani. As of the filing of this report the speaker of the Assembly has suspended the membership of Hafiz Ahmed Raza while pressure is mounting on him to suspend the other two remaining perpetraters as well.

It should be noted that prior to the 2005 earthquake in Azad Kashmir, MQM did not have a significant presence in this region. However, due to the diligent and tireless work of MQM's Khidmat-e-Khalq Committee volunteers, a large number of afflicted Kashmiris were provided with timely relief, for which they responded by electing for the first time in the history of Kashmir a member of the Legislative Assembly from the MQM.