In order to have better communication between the units of MQM USA and the Central Organizing Committee MQM USA, it was decided to hold telephonic conference between each unit and Central Organizing Committee. (Rabita Mohim).

The purpose of these telephonic conference is to make Inter-Unit communications, more closer, clearer and meaningful among units and the Central Organizing Committee.

Central Organizer Ajaz Siddiqi, Bhai and Joint Organizer Farhat Khan, Bhai along with the central committee have started making these conference calls." These meeting are necessary for making units work closer to the center and for the sake of understanding unit's and unit committee's problems, misconceptions and clarification of some archival issues. We are trying very hard within our jurisdiction to take care of concerns which are found in different units and levels within the unit committees", said Ajaz Bhai."

Every worker of MQM has to use his best efforts in promoting the ideology and philosophy of Quaid-E-Tehreek", said Farhat Bhai.

So far New York, New Jersey and Detroit units have raised their concerns and talk to the Central Organizing Committee for a reasonable length of time. Central organizer, and central organizing committee is very hopeful that these kind of meetings will bring all unit to a level from where communication will be easier for everybody involve in MQM USA. More meetings have been scheduled for the purpose of discussing the overall organizational situation and improvement of organizational work.