Pakistan --------- Under Pressure By: Imran Hussain ( MQM USA )

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his recent visit to Kashmir bluntly said that India will not re-draw its International borders and won’t accept the division of Kashmir on regional or religious basis. This was in response to Musharraf’s suggestion of dividing Kashmir into seven regions on religious and ethnic grounds.
Now after Shaukat Aziz’s visit to India , Natwar Singh ( Indian Foreign Minister ) cleared the Indian position by giving the signals that India can give autonomy to Kashmir with sky its limit and can consider LOC as the International border .
With these new signals coming from New Delhi, It looks like that India is in the favor of peace with it’s neighbor Pakistan but on the other hand is in no mood of compromising on the core issue of Kashmir. As no developments are being made on this important issue, the ongoing peace process can derail between the two nuclear rivals.
The other important issue which is making trouble for Pakistan is the ongoing Nuclear proliferation issue. In the recent days, the Iranian Opposition held their Press Conference in Vienna and accused Pakistan’s Nuclear Father A.Q Khan of giving Iran the technology to build the Nuclear weapons.
This accusation was not a new thing but being accused by Iranian Opposition leaders in exile is rather important.
This Press Conference by Iranian Opposition was held just days before unclassified sections of CIA report were published in New York Times.
The report being investigated by CIA and then handed over to the US Congress accused A. Q Khan and his network of transferring more sophisticated material , even the warhead designs which was not then considered by CIA officials.
“ A.Q Khan is as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden “ ; this was quoted by the ex – Director of CIA George Tenet when he was in office while addressing a private meeting in September.
According to Pakistani government, the issue of nuclear proliferation has been solved and they even assured the International Community that these kinds of mishaps will not happen in future, but these new CIA allegations and Iranian Opposition getting into the scene means a lot.
The world especially US Administration wants to know more about the role of Pakistan in this issue of Nuclear Proliferation as they consider it could be more dangerous for the US National Security.
Indians getting tougher on their stance, Pakistan being termed as the rogue state despite its support for US war on global terrorism and the role of Pakistan in Nuclear issue making the headlines again shows that the pressure is gradually building on Pakistan.
The question now arises, how the Pakistani Establishment reacts to new Indian stand on Kashmir? If new evidence comes into play against A. Q Khan’s network, how they will tackle this situation?
Is Pakistan in a position to take the confrontation with India or USA ? Pakistan is going through the critical phase of history and its very existence is in
danger. The time needs sensible decisions from the Pakistani Establishment or the history will take its due course.