Pakistan Resolution And Formation Of MQM Had Almost Similar Intentions;

The Former Was To Build Pakistan; The Latter Was To Save Pakistan

Kamal Zafar, Central Organizer, MQM USA

Media Cell, MQM USA, New York; March 23, 2009: The Pakistan Resolution of March 23, 1940 was passed with the intention of building Pakistan while on March 18, 1984 MQM was formed with an intention to save the Pakistan. This was stated by The Central Organizer, MQM USA, Kamal Zafar in a statement issued on “The Pakistan Day”. The Central Organizer, on behalf of the members of the Central Organizing Committee, MQM USA, and workers and supporters of MQM USA, congratulated The Nation on Pakistan Day which ultimately resulted in the formation of Pakistan, however, he said in his statement, this is also high time to for each member of The Nation to think, analyze, and review the factors operative in the split of Pakistan in less than 25 years form the formation of the country. He further said that the factors operative then are still playing role in the political, social, financial, ideological turmoil of the country, and these factors are none other than the corrupt obsolete feudal system, the fundamentalism, the extremism, and the troika of feudal lords, so-called religious leaders, and the shady bureaucracy. The Central Organizer added that philosophy of Realism and Practicalism, put forth by Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain, which is also the basis of the formation of MQM, guarantees the basic rights of common man and the equal rights for everybody in the whole nation. He insisted on the workers of MQM to work diligently in the cause of justice and for the elimination of tyranny from the country.