Statement Of Maulvi Umer, The Leader Of Taliban, Confirming The Existence Of Taliban In Karachi, Endorses The Apprehensions Of Quaid e Tehreek About The Safety And Security Of The People Of Karachi: MQM USA


United States of America, August 05, 2008: The statement of Maulvi Umer, the forefront leader of Taliban, confirming the existence of Taliban at strategic positions in Karachi, has endorsed at its larger than the life proclamation the apprehensions of Quaid e Tehreek about the safety of innocent and peace-loving people of Karachi in particular, and in general, of the whole nation. In a statement issued today, the Central Organizer Ajaz Siddiqui, the members of The Central Organizing Committee and MQM USA have intensely condemned the Talibanization of Karachi. They have also said that the statement of Maulvi Umer, who has confirmed the existence of Taliban in Karachi, has only added to the weight and gravity of the apprehension of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain, and to the sensitivity of the issue of the safety and security of the nation, especially Karachi, which is at stake due to the presence of fundamentalists and extremists forces in Karachi which not only want to deter the progress and prosperity of Karachi, but also, strategically, want to usurp the resources and the financial potential of Karachi. They also stated that many so-called religious parties of Pakistan, especially Jamaat e Islami, are giving air to this fire and helping Taliban in their establishment just to satisfy their frustration against people of Karachi as the people of Karachi have given their mandate to MQM in every election since the inception of MQM. They further said that the presence of Taliban in a city like Karachi, which bears a tactical position in the defense of the nation, would create an immense unrest in the area that warrants a geo-political threat too. They added that Islam is a progressive religion and fundamentalism is only contrary to this wonderful religion. They further said that each worker of MQM deems it his duty to resist, and to strike back at Talibanization of Karachi, and to save the people of Karachi from the monster of terrorism. They said that each and every worker and supporter of MQM is determined under the guidance of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain to fight back the planned process of Talibanization of Karachi. The Central Organizer and the members of The Central Organizing Committee demanded of all relevant high ranking officials of Pakistan Government and from President of Pakistan to the Advisor on Internal Affairs to take rigorous actions against Talibanization of Karachi and halt the imminent loss of innocent lives of people of Karachi.