Taliban are trying to overrun Karachi and foment sectarian violence in the city.  Muttahida to organize workers to spread about awareness Talibanization in the city! MQM warns against Karachi Talibanization: Altaf Hussain

London, July 4, 2008: MQM founder and leader Altaf Hussain has stated that well planned conspiracy to intensify sectarian violence in the city, was being hatched.  He expressed concerns over the attempts to Talibanize Karachi and fear flames of fanaticism, sectarian and extremism. In his speech to members of the residence committees that relayed simultaneously in Clifton, Defense, North Nazimabad and Gulshan-e-Iqbal  he said that the Taliban were being shifted by truckloads from the tribal areas into the city. These activists are being sent to take over land and properties forcibly to engage in destroying the peace and religious harmony in Karachi. The walls in scheme 33, Gulshan view Apartments and parks are chosen for graffiti. These walls are full of messages “Karachi me rehna hai to Taliban ban ke rehna” (if you want to survive in Karachi, become Taliban), “Karachi men rehna hai to jihadi ban ke rehna” (be a jihadi, if you want to live in Karachi), “Karachi men rehna hai to Baitullah Mehsud kehna hai” (say long live Baitullah Mehsud, if you want to live in Karachi). To continue with their fanaticism they chalked the walls with … “Khomeini Kutta Khomeini Kafir, jo na mane who bhi kafir”.

Altaf Hussain said MQM is the only party that opposes ‘Talibanization’ and sectarianism in Karachi and will always work to foil these conspiracies with democratic means. We refuse to allow anyone to sabotage the peace of the city for the sake of our generation and the future generations,” said Hussain. He said that the issue was sensitive and every individual had to play a role. He asked everyone listening if they will allow Talibanization in Karachi? ‘NO ’, said the audience.  MQM founder and leader said MQM prefers no confrontation with anyone but no one would be allowed to sabotage the peace and encroach on the lands of Sind, including Karachi. “The citizens, Altaf Hussain appealed, should be aware of the Taliban and the government should take stern actions against those who support their sort of actions.