Terrorism Does Not Belong To Any Religion, Nation, Or Any Geographical Boundaries: MQM USA Expresses Deep Grief Over The Death Of Innocent People In Bomb Attacks At Rally In Karachi.


Karachi, October 19, 2007 (Press Release):     The Central Organizer, Ajaz Siddiqi, and the Members of the Central Organizing Committee, MQM USA, have strongly denounced the ferocious bomb attacks in Karachi on the welcoming rally of Pakistan Peoples party for the Chair-person Pakistan Peoples Party, and consequent losses of lives of innocent people of Pakistan. In a statement they have said that these deplorable attacks were a part of conspiracy to sabotage and hurdle down the caravan of democracy towards the logical end of democracy, and unfortunately, these elements have chosen once again Karachi to initiate and plot their heinous devices. They further stated that since long the Leader of the Movement, Mr. Altaf Hussain, is stating again and again that those who are supporting and letting the terrorism flourish, are not friends of anyone, they donít follow any religion, and these anti-social elements are enemies of humanity. They further stated that MQM believes in the fact that all democratic forces should unite to deter and struggle to eliminate terrorism. They expressed their sympathies with wounded ones and expressed their grief on the death of innocent people with their families. They reassured the victim families that MQM USA, and the Pakistani community in USA has deep sorrow and grief on this incident, and is with them at this time of test. They said that this is the time when everyone should realize and appreciate who is their enemy. They further added that in the next APC (All Parties Conference), the resolution should not be passed against MQM; it should be passed against these terrorists so that the friends and foes could be differentiated. They said that the only way the country can prosper is that all the democratic forces should unite and come forward.