Some Terrorist Lawyers Giving Bad Name to the Legal Profession
MQM USA Strongly Condemns Assault on Dr. Farooq Sattar


MQM USA strongly condemns the brutal attack on Dr. Farooq Sattar, a senior politician and the deputy convener of the MQM. Dr. Sattar was transporting injured journalists to a hospital near the Election Commission building when he was apprehended by a handful of lawyers. MQM USA terms this attack as yet another bid to suppress basic citizensí rights, such as, freedom of movement and freedom of providing medical aid to fellow citizens of Pakistan.

MQM USA terms the attack on Dr. Farooq Sattar as the extension of the concerted attempts by certain lawyers who have resorted to terrorist-like activities in the last few months to disrupt the robust political and democratic process in the country, which MQM supports. We feel that itís high time we stand up united, to uphold Pakistani citizensí basic and inalienable human rights, against the so-called lawyers as well as the fascist forces which are tireless working to create wedge among Pakistanis to fit their evil designs. We also urge the socially-conscious citizens of Pakistan to join hands to uphold the rights of expression of truth and reality against poisonous statements and actions of terrorists in black coats who are serving the very interests of feudal and nepotistic politicians of Pakistan.

We condemn the actions of the terrorists and their ilk to spread violence and hatred that might lead to further division of the country. Let's see to it that the fascist experimentí is not repeated anywhere, and that the culprits are put to task. MQM USA especially demands various bar associations in Pakistan to take immediate steps in cleaning up their ranks from such terrorist elements who are giving bad name to the noble profession of law in Pakistan. MQM USA recommends the creation of a national body to ensure the integrity of bar associations around the country.

Is this is supremacy of Law or independence of judiciary?

Terrorists lawyers attacking on Dr. Farooq Sattar

Terrorists lawyers attacking on Dr. Farooq Sattar

Federal Minister of Information Mohammad Ali Durrani visited
Poly Clinic Islamabad to see Dr. Farooq Sattar