Those Who Are Supporting NAR Are Actually Supporting Terrorism:  MQM USA


Media Cell, MQM USA; Los Angeles; April 16, 2009: The Central Organizer Kamal Zafar and the members of the Central Organizing Committee, MQM USA have said in a statement, issued last night, that those who are supporting the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation and its implementation, are actually supporting terrorism and paving the way for Talibanization of Pakistan in the wake of their own ulterior motives. The office-bearers of MQM USA were sternly critical of the statement of Chaudhry Nisar of PML (N) and said that the system he is supporting will result in the devastation of the country and nation and the nation and the country will be reverted back to the Stone-Age. However, they said, the system and the philosophy Mr. Altaf Hussain is referring to is based on Realism and Practicalism and eventually this system will prevail in the whole country when all the 98% oppressed will find shelter under the banner of MQM. They added that the system of Altaf Hussain talks about even rights and equal opportunities for all the citizens of the country. They said that Chaudhry Nisar should be careful about the consequences of the implementation of NAR as the devastating effects will also affect the part of the country where his party has formed government. They said that the irresponsible statements from Chaudhry Nisar and leaders like him have already put the integrity and sanctity of the country at a stake and the common men of Pakistan and the innocent population of Pakistan is bearing the consequences. They advised that Chaudhry Nisar and other leaders should study the system Mr. Altaf Hussain is talking about and if possible should implement this system in their jurisdictions, may their jurisdictions be saved from the disastrous effects of NAR and Talibanization.