Muttahida Quami Movement USA Vehemently Denounces The Murder Of MQM Workers In Karachi

The Central Organizer and members of The Central Organizing Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement, on behalf of workers and supporters of MQM USA have intensely deprecated the cold blooded murder of two MQM workers. They have vehemently denounced the incidence occurred in Landhi, Karachi in which Armed Haqiqi terrorists opened firing on peaceful MQM workers and the incidence took lives of two workers and leaving two other workers fatally injured. The Central Organizer and the members of The Central Organizing Committee said that the hoodlums of Armed Haqiqi terrorists are roaming throughout the city and are harassing peaceful workers of MQM and their being at large shows that they are backed by establishment and the anti-democracy elements in the country. They said this incidence occurred at the time when the country is trying to be on the track of democracy, whereas these types of occurrences will derail the democratic process. They said that the workers and supporters of MQM are peace loving people and donít want to take the law in their hand. However, they further added, if these elements will not refrain from attacking pro-democratic MQM workers, the workers and supporters of MQM will find no other way than to defend themselves in a better way.