MQM Chicago Celebrated 13th Anniversary of MQMs Transformation into Muttahida Quami Movement

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Chicago; July 27, 2010: MQM Chicago held a meeting at its office the other day to celebrate the 13th anniversary of MQMs transformation into Muttahida Quami Movement. The meeting was attended by the office-bearers, workers, and supporters of MQM Chicago. The meeting was addressed by the Patron MQM Greater Metro Area of Chicago Wakeel Jamali, Chapter Incharge Sohail Shams, and the Joint Incharges of MQM Chicago Shahzad Aman and Mohammad Kamran. The speakers in their addresses said that the transformation was carried out in the wake of providing the nation with a genuine mainstream political party on a larger canvass. They said that MQM is for the oppressed 98% stratum of the country and this stratum reside all over Pakistan and they all needed MQM as their refuge. They said that MQM will come up to and will fulfill their expectation.

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