Balochistan Is Passing Through The Similar Crisis As That Of East Pakistan.
Provincial Autonomy Is The Only Solution For The Keeping The Integrity Of The Country Intact:
Speakers At The Condemnation Meeting In Chicago By MQM USA.

Media Cell, MQM USA; Chicago; April 19, 2009: Balochistan is passing through the same ordeal which East Pakistan passed through decades ago and eventually departed. The smaller provinces including Balochistan have developed the sense of deprivation and insecurity and the only solution for the smaller provinces to confide in the federation is in the provincial autonomy. These statements were made by the speakers when they were addressing a condemnation meeting by MQM USA arranged by MQM Chicago for the murder of three Baloch leaders in Balochistan last week. This meeting was attended by the office-bearers of MQM USA as well as workers and office-bearers of MQM Chicago, and people belonging to Pakistani community in large number including Baloch leaders in Chicago Mr. Arshad Imraani and Mr. Akhter Imraani. While addressing to the meeting the Joint Central Organizer MQM USA Junaid Fahmi said that MQM denounces the murders of the three Baloch leaders in its strongest terms. He said that MQM has always raised its voice against injustice and oppression and it is standing with the Baloch populationís grief at this time of test. He said that the country is facing many challenges to its integrity; however, the most dangerous challange is the monster of Talibanization of the country. He was also critical of NAR and said that this system is not based on justice; it is rather based on injustice. The other speakers including the Baloch leaders said in their addresses that if the people of the smaller provinces will remain deprived of their just rights and equal opportunities then this situation may warrant unrest in the people of those provinces and may compromise the integrity of Pakistan. They aid that the Quaid-e-Azamís Pakistan has gone through sever jolts and shocks and has already fragmented. They said that the remaining Pakistan cannot afford any such mishap, and if this happens this will be an utter misfortune of the people of Pakistan. They offered their tributes to the Baloch leaders who were murdered. The speakers at the meeting demanded of the Government of Pakistan to arrest the process of Talibanization of Pakistan and let all the people of Pakistan live with their basic rights, justice and equal opportunities. They also denounced the implementation of NAR and declared Nizam-e-Adl against the sprit of Islam.
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