MQM Chicago Chapter Hosts Iftar Dinner

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Chicago; September 08, 2009: An Iftar Dinner was hosted by MQM Chicago in Lincolnwood, IL on Sunday August 30, 2009, under the auspices of Sun Charity and KKF Chicago and was attended by the office bearers and workers of MQM Chicago as well as a cross-section of the Pakistani community including attorneys, doctors, engineers, intellectuals, poets, journalists, and media personnel, and women and youth in large number. The Iftar Dinner was also attended by the Senior Coordinator International Affairs MQM Mr. Younus Sulaiman and the Joint Central Organizer MQM USA Junaid Fahmi. Mr. Younus Sulaiman and Junaid Fahmi elaborated on the welfare work of MQM in Pakistan and abroad and appealed to the attendees to contribute to this work generously through their Zakat and Fitra donations. The attendees of the Iftar Dinner gave donations and pledges generously. The speakers also spoke on the recent confessions by the operators of Operation 92 on MQM and said that the truth has come out in front of the people of Pakistan and has proved that MQM is a patriotic party.

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