Pakistan Club USA arranges a series of Informational Sessions for Muslim Noble Alliance (MNA) Chicago

Session # 4: Admissibility Issues


Noble Muslim alliance is conducting a series of seminars in Chicago community in collaboration with US Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Retrospection since last four consecutive Wednesdays, hosted by Pakistan Club USA (Chicago). This event was supervised by Robyn D; she is the Assistant Director of Homeland Security. The topic was "Admissibility Issues" meaning how the people are entering in the United States through borders via land, sea or air, their rights to enter in the United States and the guidelines of Homeland which is followed by the US Border and petrol personnel. The seminar was presented by Mr. Brett Sturgeon (Chief of Staff of US Border and Petrol) at O’Hare International Airport, Jose Venegas (Chief of Staff), at O’Hare, Brain Bell (Public Affairs Officer), and Cherise Miles (Public Affairs Officer). Over all the presentation was very informative and community people like all of these sessions very well, they discuss their immigration issues their status on one to one basis and all of these officers help and guide them in a respective manner, later on the dinner was served


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