MQM Chicago Renames “Saqoot-e-Dhaka” As “Yaum-e-Nidamat” At A Congregation To Remember Saqoot-e-Dahaka!


MQM Chicago, December 20, 2008: The speakers at the congregation to remember the Dhaka Fall “Saqoot-e-Dhaka” held in Chicago by MQM Chicago Unit declared The Day as “Yaum-e-Nidamat”. The congregation was held in the MQM Chicago Unit office was attended by member Central Organizing Committee MQM USA, members of the Chicago Unit Committee, workers and supporters of MQM Chicago, members of Gahwarah-e-Adab Chicago as well as elites from the Pakistani community. Those who spoke at the occasion include office bearers of MQM USA and MQM Chicago, members of Gahwarah-e-Adab Chicago, and many others including Anas Bhai, Hameedullah Khan, Ameen Haider (Writer & Debater) , Anjum Gohar, Mohammad Nadeem, and Ehteshamuddin Arshad. Fatiha and prayers were offered for all those who died during Dhaka Fall and Zeeshan Hayat, nephew of Muhammad Anwer Bhai, member, Rabita Committee, MQM.