MQM Chicago Meets Chicago Memon Association on Karachi Mishap

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Chicago; January 10, 2010: A delegation of MQM Chicago along with the office bearers of MQM USA met with Chicago Memon Association the other day to discuss the recent Karachi Mishap and to offer condolence and sentiments over the loss of lives and assets. During the meeting both delegations condemned the killing of innocent people of Karachi, uninhibited looting of the properties and putting the properties on arson on the Day of Ashur last month. Mohammad Younus, Senior Vice Coordinator, addressed the meeting and appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take suo-moto action on the Karachi incident where a bomb blast occurred, as well as looting and arson in Bolton Market, and other markets. He appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to announce a judicial commission comprising of Supreme Court Judges to investigate the Karachi incident. Junaid Fahmi and Wakeel Jamali also addressed the meeting and deemed the Karachi bomb blast incident an act of terrorism and also a heinous conspiracy to disturb the peace of the city. MQMUSA and Chicago Memon Association leaders also appealed to investigate and expose the terrorists responsible for the Karachi bomb blast and also to find out who is responsible. They also demanded that the nation wants to know who is patronizing these criminal elements. They termed the Karachi incident as a conspiracy to disturb the economy of the city and destabilize the country. In the meeting a motion was passed to appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take immediate action and secure the available evidence including the CCTV footage of the incident by taking this into the judicial custody. The other motion passed was that the Government and Administration has failed to inform the nation of the facts behind the Karachi incident and no one responsible has been arrested so far. The condolence meeting was attended by Chicago Memon Association Leaders, Ahmed Karim Janghda, Imran Aziz, Shahid Yousuf, Saleem Durvaish, Rafiq Bowala, Tofeeq Moton, Rafiq Mota, Ameen Fashionee, Abad Janghda, Jameel Zawa, Iqbal Memon, Mohammed Mustafa, Abdul Aziz, Anwar Ghaffar, Mohammad Younus, Senior Vice Coordinator, Junaid Fahmi, Joint Central Organizer and Wakeel Jamali, Patron of Chicago area, and Khalid Khan of Chicago chapter.