Central Organizing Committee Holds Marathon Meetings in Chicago

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Chicago; April 01, 2010: As the members of the Central Organizing Committee MQM USA gathered in Chicago from all over USA on March 27, 2010 to attend the celebrations of 26th Foundation Day of MQM, the Central Organizing committee availed this opportunity and held its annual meeting comprised of two sessions that were held in the MQM Chicago office. The first session was held before the Foundation Day Celebration congregation and that was presided over by the central Organizer Kamal Zafar while the other session was held after the Foundation Day Celebrations congregation that was held in the presence of the Patron-in-Chief MQM North America Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and lasted till dawn. The members of the Central Organizing Committee who attended include Central Organizer Kamal Zafar, Joint Central Organizer Junaid Fahmi, Joint Central Organizer Nadeem Siddiqui, Mehfooz Hydari (Philadelphia), Arshad Hussain (New jersey), Asad Siddiqui (Dallas), Wasim Zaidi (Los Angeles), and Mohammad Zaheer (Houston). In the first session the Central Organizer initiated a list of tasks and projects which have been initiated earlier and have been worked on. The participants gave their update and submitted their strategies that they are using towards the completion and implementation of that their assigned tasks and projects. In the second session the Central Organizing Committee discussed the future strategy and planning in the presence of the Patron-in-Chief. The committee was fortunate enough to seek to have the presence of the Patron-in-Chief as they received his guidance on all the future pertinent matters. The participants of the meeting, at the end, thanked MQM Chicago for facilitating the holding of these marathon meeting sessions.