Haleem Feast (Dawat-e-Haleem) In Chicago

A day earlier than the General Elections in Pakistan, Gahwah e Adab, Chicago arranged a Haleem Feast (Dawat-e-Haleem), which has now become a customary in Chicago Unit as an annual event, in a local community center, in order to apprise and project the Elections 2008 results. The attendance of this grand gala remained to the tune of five hundred. While this event depicted a beautiful mix of cultural ethnicity attended by people from all parts of Pakistan, and all walks of life in the Pakistani community in Chicago including doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen, journalists, poets, intellectual, and political activists in the Pakistani community, it was also attended by the Consul General of Pakistan, Dr. Aman Rashid as chief guest, Coordinator, International Affairs, MQM, Mr. Mohammad Younus, Member Helping Committee, MQM USA, Junaid Fahmi, In-charge, MQM Chicago Unit, Wakeel Jamali, In-charge SUN Charity USA Shamim Siddiqui, workers, supporters, and a large number of members of Haq Parast community in Chicago. At the end of the event, Unit In-charge thanked the team who organized this event with a special thanks to the in-charge of the event Dr. Mehtab, and Mr. Jameel Khan who had been extremely helpful throughout the event. The end of this event translated into the inauguration of the Elections Monitoring Cell, Chicago Unit, which functioned through next 24 hours to monitor the activities and results of Elections 2008 in Pakistan.