MQMUSA Chicago unit hosted a Grand BBQ party at Gillson Park, on 28th Youm-e-Tasees. 250 Pakistani community people attend this occasion. From 11 am to 7 pm. The party turned out to be a great get together. 

Chicago unit member served B.B.Q all day. On the other side, there were 4 different game competitions including men & women Musical chair, Kids Racing, singing competition (antak-shri). The games and the singing competitions were much appreciated by the community and everyone enjoyed. Kids and adults shared the jokes and poems.  

Everyone recite DOUA (Fatiha) for mqm Shouhadas and prayed for Quaid-e-Tehriek’s long life and success. 

Younus bhai, Sajida baji, Wakeel Jamali bhai, shamim siddiqui bhai also present and fully participate in the program. Other community activists Mr. Hameed Ullah Khan, Mr. Raja Yaqub. Mr. Salman Aftab and Mr.syed Qaisar Ali attend this program. 

Chicago Unit incharge Junaid Fahmi appreciated to the all participated families and especially to all Unit Sathis for their hard work, dedication, contribution  to make the event successful and memorable.