MQM Chicago Celebrates APMSO's 27th Foundation Day (June-21-2005)

Chicago unit arrange a beautiful and successful program on 12th June 2005 at the local community center in Chicago. In the beginning Mrs. Shagufta Rasool & Rehan Khan ( member of unit committee) gave welcoming remarks for guests, and a young kid Kashif Mushtaq recited the Holy Quran's Surrah. Unit Incharge Junaid Fahmi gave a brief speech on the importance of the APMSO day. He said, we should  always  remember MQM Shuhada on every event, Also workers must be more responsible and active. Also MQM USA Organizing Committee  Member, Mr. Shamim Siddiqui gave a briefing on APMSO history and the day first Altaf Bhai's philosophy and guidance for the  workers and nation. He gave a complete message of  Altaf Bhai on this special occasion. Beside speeches a great QUIZ program was arranged, community people won so many prizes also little kids performed poetry, songs and jokes and won many gifts.  Also dinner was served. In the last A local base Band  "TARZZ" performed. Gathering enjoyed their music and performance.