MQM USA, while keeping its traditional progressive approach in views, has taken yet another historic step, when Central Organizing Committee’s member Moeed Siddiqui Bhai on request of unit incharge Wakeel A. Jamali Bhai has expanded MQM USA’s Chicago unit by conforming new Sub urban committee, whilst old unit committee will remain the same.

Central Committee’s Member Moeed Siddiqui Bhai visited Chicago City on October 28th, 2007. A number of MQM workers, supporters and Humdards gathered along to meet and learn in the ceremony. 

Moeed Siddiqui Bhai briefly touched upon the current and future role of MQM. During the session he along with Unit Incharge Wakeel Jamali Bhai & Junaid Fahmi Bhai answered questions from Sathies.

Members of Unit are as follows: 

Wakeel Jamali, Unit Incharge 

Shahid Khan and Rashid Mushtaq, Joint Unit Incharge, 

Syed Kamran, Mohammad Asif, Rehan Khan, Sohail Shams, Birjees Qadar, Syed Shaeqe Hasan, Professor Masroor Qureshi, Zeeshan Akram, Adnan Siddiqui and Imtiaz Hussain , Member Unit Committee.  

Jameel Khan, Nafees Qadri, Mohammad Mushtaq and Navaid Fahmi, Member Suburban Committee

MQM USA’s Nigran-e-Alla, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Bhai and Central Organizer Ajaz Siddiqi Bhai congratulated the new team and instructed them to work hard and to spread Quaid’s Philosophy of “Realism” and Practicalism.”