Gahwara-E-Adab (CHICAGO) arranged a Pak-O-Hind Youm-E-Azadi Mushaira in Chicago. Pakistani and Indian community enjoyed and welcome that event. Mr. Niaz Gulburgvi was (Sadar) of this mushaira and Special guest was Mr.Jazib qureshi. Many known poets present their (Kalam). In these poets Mr.Syed Qaisar Ali, Mr. Serwat Zoha, Mr.Hamid Amrohi, Mr. Mehboob Ali Khan, Mr. Rasheed Sheikh, Mr. Khursheed Khizar, Ms. Seema Abdi, Mr. Wajid Nadeem, Mr. Mohammad Salim, Mr. Ms. Naseema Kulsum, Mr. Rohail Khan, Mr. Hashmat Sohail, Mr. Abid Ullah Ghazi, Dr. Abdul Waheed Fakhri, Mr. Jazib Qureshi and Mr. Niaz Gulbergvi. Mr. Ameen Hyder ( well known person in adabi circle) did comparing ( NIZAMAT) for this program.

Rohail Khan bhai when presented his Kalam to the audience, and every body appreciate his poetry and the way of Kalam. Rohail bhai received huge clapping and respect. Specially he came to Chicago to attended this Mushaira. In the last Chicago unit Incharge Junaid fahmi thanks to his team and all Poets. and congratulate all participated organizations and personals.