Chicago unit arranged another Tehrieki Program called YOUM-E-SIYAH in the memory of the June 19, 1992 Brutal Army Operation on innocent Mohajir Nation which especially targeted the MQM. Chicago unit saathies who were gathered at the Unit office and MQM USA Joint Central Organizer Farhat khan Bhai and MQM USA Central organizing committee member Mooed Siddiqui Bhai were on phone. The program started with Telawat of holy Quran by Mooed siddiqui Bhai then he spoke on the importance of Black Day that how the Army started this operation and killed more than 17,000 MQM workers. Farhat Bhai also briefed on the politics and corruption of those days, the reason behind that operation and the benefits to the Army and other opponent parties.

In charge Junaid Fahmi talked on the Black Day especially on the shuhadas’ struggle and sacrifices. Ex unit in charges Mohammad Asif bhai and Tariq Siddiqui bhai gave their remarks. K.K.C Incharge Shamim Siddiqui gave a speech on MQM workers’ faithfulness with their Quaid and Shuahadas’ sprits that they were aware of the fact that they would lose their lives in the path of Haqparsti but they still chose death rather than to betray their nation and the Quaid. All speakers especially condemned the murder conspiracy of Quaid -e-Tehriek, and prayed for his long life. There were also Fatihas for MQM Shuhadas. Unit Committee member Aslem Pervaiz Bhai did Fatiha and prayed for Shuhadas, MQM’s future, Nation and Altaf Bhai's Life and success.