Mutahida Quami Movement Chicago Unit, organized a huge gathering on 10Th Youm-e- Shohda on 10th December 2005 on Bombay Hall Chicago. Honorable Pakistani and Indian Community, writers and journalists attended this program. There was Holy Quran reciting, In the beginning Sada -e- Pakistan News Paper's Beuru Chief Nadeem Malik recite Quran's Chapter (verses).

Chicago Unit In charge Junaid Fahmi started the program and welcome the audience and spread the Altaf Bhai's message, also spoke about MQM Shuhada Struggles and their honesty with Tehriek. More than 18,000.thousands workers and supporter have been lost their lifes.Community activist Hameed Ullah Khan gave his best remarks for MQM's leader and workers.

Central Organizing committee member Moheet Bhai emphasis the Shuhada's life and their dignity and love with Quaid and tehrik, he also said those shohda's will live till the day of justice in our history. MQM International Affair's Coordinator Younus Bhai said, At any event we should not forget our Shuhada's and remember their scarifies and remember as a guide line in our tehriek struggle.

In the last MQM USA Care Taker Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Bhai spoke about shuhada 's life, how they were responsible on their duties, how much they were loyal sathi's of Quaid . Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui emphasis the best interest of MQM and advise workers to keep united and get more educated so we can built a new structure of our society.