MQM Virginia Holds an Evening with Senator Babar Ghauri

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Virginia; November 14, 2009: MQM Washington DC hosted an evening with the Senator and the Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Mr. Babar Ghauri the other day. The meeting was hosted to facilitate the communication between the Senator and the people from Pakistani community especially from the province of Punjab on MQMs intended politics in Punjab. While the evening was attended by the people from all walks of life from Pakistani community the meeting was also attended by the workers of MQM Virginia and the office bearers of MQM USA including the Patron MQM USA Ibad Rehman. In his address the Senator apprised the attendees of the evening of the MQMs resolutions and determination about its politics in Punjab and said that MQM is not going to Punjab for the greed of the seats in parliament; however, he said, it is going to change the ways the politics is being done in the country and in Punjab for the last 62 years,. While answering to the questions the Senator said that the most important bullet on the MQM's agenda is the elimination of the feudal system from the country. The patron MQM USA said in his address that even before the landing of MQM in Punjab the message and philosophy of MQM and its leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has reached all parts of the country and the people of Gilgit and Baltistan have endorsed the fact they are all set to embrace the philosophy of MQM. He further said that people of Punjab are welcoming MQM wholeheartedly and with open arms and MQM will come up to their expectations; however, he said, the people of Punjab must rise to change the system, as otherwise, even MQM will not be able to change the fate and destiny for them. The evening ended at dinner.
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