Women Wing, MQM USA Presents “Swat Incident” Before Human Rights Commission In Virginia!

Media Cell, MQM USA; Virginia; April 11, 2009: A high profile delegation of Women Wing MQM USA comprising of their office bearers and members, in association with MQM Washington DC appeared before the Human Rights Commission in Virginia yesterday afternoon to make a presentation in reference to “Swat Incident” in which a teenage girl was flogged publicly by Talibans. During the presentation, six officials of Women Wing MWM USA made presentation before the Full Commission and raised their concerns over the incident. The office bearers of Women Wing MQM USA also registered their concerns over the recent incident of murder of three Baloch Nationalist leaders in Balochistan, Pakistan. During their deliberations, Bushra Rehman, Shaheen Sabih, Sabeen Saleem, Isra Khan, Ayesha Hafeez and Hina Bibi categorically denied having any conformity between the Swat incident and the teachings of Islam. They termed the incident un-Islamic, un-civil, and inhuman. They also added that the picture portrayed by Talibans in reference to women rights and human rights is totally in antagonism with the true interpretation of Islam. After the deliberations, the office-bearers of Women Wing MQM USA also presented a “Dossier” on Talibanization of Pakistan prepared by MQM USA Investigation Cell. HR Commission has heard the MQM officials in length, shared the concern and appreciated the efforts put on by MQM against the extremism and Talibanization in Pakistan. The commission has assured MQM women wing officials that they would take all necessary actions to bring their point of view to the right forums
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