MQM Washington DC Unit Participates Election 2008 Festivities


Washington DC, October 05, 2008: Living up to the precedents, MQM Washington DC Unit participated in the polling process and the Election Day festivities thereafter in Virginia-Washington DC in the preceding Elections 2008 of United States of America. While taking active part in election campaign and remaining busy in pre-polling activities, the members of MQM Virginia-Washington DC Unit Committee members and the workers joined the newly elected Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly in the victory celebrations in Tysonís Corner Headquarters of Virginia. MQM Washington DC Unit committee has congratulated newly elected Congressman Gerry Connolly and urges them to take confidence building measures in immigrant communities. Gerry Connolly thanked MQM Virginia-Washington DC unit for their support and help in his election campaign. Virginia Governor Tim Kane and newly elected Senator Mark Warner also joined the historic victory celebration. MQM Washington DC Unit also congratulated the President-Elect Barack Obama, Vice-President Elect Mr. Biden, their team and the Democratic Party of United States of America in their landslide victory and said that the change brought in America will go a long way towards the prosperity of the people of United Sates in particular and the world in general.