Annual Haleem Feast Organized as “Solidarity with Pakistan Event” by MQM Washington DC

¬¬¬¬Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA; Washington DC; January 12, 2010: The traditional annual Haleem Feast was organized this year with the theme of “Solidarity with Pakistan” by MQM Washington DC last weekend. The event was attended by the office bearers and workers of MQM Washington DC, the office bearers of MQM USA, the patron of MQM North America Ibad Rehman, and the people in large number from Pakistani community representing all nationalities of Pakistan residing in Greater Metro area of Washington DC and its adjacent vicinities. The event was also attended by community leaders, the former Deputy Mayor of Karachi Mateen Yousuf, a veteran politician and worker of Pakistan Movement Ubaid-ur-Rehman Advocate, and the famous newscaster Khalid Hameed. The speakers of the event which included Mateen Yousuf, Khalid Hameed, Ubaid-ur-Rehman Advocate, Sabih-ul-Islam, and Ibad Rehman elaborated on the current Pakistani political situation and appreciated MQM Washington DC for holding this solidarity event at a time when the country is under the brutal attack of terrorism and the biggest city of the country, Karachi is being blood-bathed. Khalid Hameed highly endorsed and appreciated the efforts of MQM for the solidarity and integrity of Pakistan in his address. Mateen Yousuf said in his address that MQM has given a model of leadership in Altaf Hussain to the country and the nation must avail the vision and the capability of this leader for a better and prosperous Pakistan. The member of the Central Organizing Committee of MQM USA Sabih-ul-Islam said in his address that all of us should be watchful of the terrorists among us as the terrorists first intermingle with the crowd and then they perform their terrorist activities. Mr. Ubaid-ur-Rehman Advocate encouraged the young generation to work with MQM and said that MQM is the only hope for a better future of Pakistan. He added that the older generation has done its job by creating Pakistan and now this is the responsibility of this generation to maintain its integrity and solidarity. The keynote speaker of the event the Patron MQM North America Ibad Rehman said the nation and the country are passing through the most critical time of the history and this is the time when all the politicians must show a responsible attitude to save the country. He further said that MQM is the party of those who brought this country into being and it will always remain loyal to it. The Patron reiterated that MQM will leave no stone unturned to save the country, its ideology and its geography both.
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