MQM Washington DC-Virginia Opens Silver Jubilee Celebrations!
Event in Woodbridge Virginia

MQM Washington D.C chapter has arranged it's 4th pre-convention Silver jubilee program was the continuation of it's previous programs, where all Pakistani community from all walks of life have attended, particularly the American Pakistani business community were also presented. MQM care taker USA Mr. Ibad Rehman gave thoughtful speech and said that the time has come where we have to keep our political affiliations aside and should work together despite of race, language and religion. Since we all belong to the same motherland and we can not be apart, this is the time where we join hands together and show our integrity to the world that we are all patriotic Pakistanis, we are one and united.

Furthermore, he urged audiences to participate in upcoming silver jubilee convention and make it a successful and memorable event.Before that central organizer MQM USA Mr.Aijaz Siddiqui gave welcome remarks to the guest and said that today's program has proved that MQM is not a provincial political party it's a broad base nationwide party as we can see the majority of our brothers and sisters are belong to different provinces of Pakistan, which shows their commitment to Pakistan. At this event the president of Karachi Club Mr., Kamran Hayder spoke to the audiences and told about the Karachi Club, that Karachi club provides a plate forum where the Pakistani community can discuss their ongoing issues, this is not only for Karachien but also for the all community of Pakistan regardless which province they belong to. He appreciated the efforts of MQM who is playing a vital role to bridge among all communities.

At the end Haleem was served to the guests.