MQM Rallies through the Washington Highways.
Yum-E-Tashukkur, Thanksgiving Day Celebrated in DC.

MQM USA's Washington Metro unit celebrated a historic and mammoth public rally in Karachi organized by the MQM to show solidarity and unity against the religious extremists in Pakistan. MQM USA has declared April 22, 2007 as the Thanksgiving Day for MQM throughout the United States.

In Washington Dc, the local unit has arranged a car rally on this occasion which was led by member of the central organizing committee Sabihul Islam bhai and unit incharge Tauseef Khan bhai and attended by large number of participants from DC, Virginia and Maryland areas. All cars were decorated with Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain's portraits and USA, MQM and Pakistan flags.

The rally started off from Springfield area and traveled trough the highways and streets for over an hour. MQM workers were raising slogans and waiving victory signs throughout the route. Participants included children, women and elders who all enjoyed a lot and were served with the sweets at the end of the rally. MQM USA's central organizer, Joint Organizer and the members of the central organizing committee have congratulated Washington unit for their effort.