MQM Washington DC-Virginia Opens Silver Jubilee Celebrations!
Event in Centerville Virginia

Washington DC, January 04, 2009: MQM Washington DC-Virginia Unit gets the honor of heralding the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the completion of 25 years of the inception of MQM in the year 2009. With the same token MQM Washington DC-Virginia Unit also gets the honor of hosting the Silver Jubilee Convention of MQM USA. The Unit has arranged pre-convention public meetings and in the same connection has already organized a program for Pakistani community from different walks of life in Washington DC. While those who attended the program were apprised of the philosophy of MQM, the history of MQM and the Silver Jubilee Celebrations, they were also entertained with a program on the format of “Neelam Ghar” which was equally enjoyed by young and elders where they participated enthusiastically and were applauded. The program was opened with recitation of The Holy Quran followed by welcome and theme speeches by the office bearers of MQM Washington DC-Virginia and its wings, where they elaborated on the history of MQM and the upcoming Silver Jubilee Convention. The guests remained absorbed and enjoyed the event up till the end and said that these types of events are the necessity of the time to keep Pakistani community integrated. At the end the Central Organizer MQM USA Ajaz Siddiqui applauded the efforts of MQM Washington DC-Virginia workers and encouraged them and said that the upcoming Silver Jubilee Convention in Virginia will definitely prove to be a tool for the integration of the community.