MQM Washington DC's election cell a great Success

MQM USA's Washington unit establishes an election cell in Springfield area where a round the clock monitoring was underway and the people from all over the Washington, Maryland and Virginia were in contact to get the latest results. MQM workers and supporters were present from morning until late night busy in performing various duties to apprise Pakistanis of latest election coverage. The election cell was directly connected to central poll monitoring station at Nine Zero Karachi and was additionally supported by MQM International Secretariat in London with the real time information.

The election cell was a center for attraction for the Pakistani print and news media throughout the day. ARY Digital, Geo TV, Business Plus TV, Voice of America, Pakistan Post, News Pakistan were among those who covered the election cell activities.

Various Pakistani political parties' representatives also came and visited MQM's election cell and congratulated MQM on its land slide victory.
MQM USA's central organizer Ajaz Siddiqi and central organizing committee member Sabih ul Islam jointly inaugurated the cell by cutting the ribbon and praying for the victory of MQM in Pakistan. After the final results, the workers and supporters distributed sweets. MQM USA's central organizer and the organizing committee congratulated MQM Washington DC unit on their hard work and successful arrangements in establishing the election cell.