MQM Washington DC Celebrates the 27th Anniversary of APMSO. (June 11th, 2005)

The MQM Washington DC unit along with MQM USA Central Organizer Ibad Rehman and Central Organizing Committee members Ajaz Siddiqui and Sabih Islam, celebrated the 27th anniversary of the All Pakistan Mahajir Students Organization (APMSO). To commemorate the occasion, the DC unit distributed sweets and blessings to all unit committee members, family members, and supporters. MQM USA Central Organizer Ibad Rehman emphasized on the history and philosophy of the APMSO, along with its accomplishments and itís significance to the MQM in general. The Washington DC unit also got a chance to congratulate and speak with MQM North America Caretaker and former APMSO Chairman, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui. DC unit committee members also sent congratulatory messages to MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain bhai at the International Secretariat via email.