Pre-Convention General Workers Meeting in Virginia


MQM USA D.C. Chapter has arranged a pre-convention General workers meeting in Virginia in a local community Hall. Care taker MQM USA Mr. Ibad -ur-Rehman and Central Organizer Mr. Ajaz Siddiqui were present there.

Unit in charge Tauseef Khan had presented a brief report to the office bearers about the preparations for the up coming Silver Jubilee convention, being held in Washington Metro area. He also briefed them about the achievements and difficulties facing unit in different areas, the office bearers offered their full cooperation and assured them of help at every step. Furthermore, they appreciated their efforts and said we all have to make this event successful and memorable as Washington D.C. unit has a history to meet the challenges and overcome successfully, and in this event DC unit will show its uniqueness as they are famous for. Mr. Ibad and Mr. Ajaz shared their experiences of the year 2000 convention in DC when they were short handed and the environment was not in their favor but they were determined and made the events successful, all workers assured them that they will not let them down and event will not only successful but highly memorable for the coming years.

Before that, all workers had an opportunity to express their views and talked about the MQM and Pakistan, a question was asked to every worker that why did they joined MQM? Every one shared their experiences that what were the reasons due to which they joined this movement and re-assured their commitment to the organization, to the philosophy of Quaid-e-Therik Mr.Altaf Hussain and to the cause which MQM stands for all over the country.

This program was the continuation of pre-convention programs where in last 2 consecutive months unit has discovered a lot of hidden talent in all areas of fine arts and management. Especially the women wing’s participation was the key to those programs.