Dallas Unit celebrates 22nd Foundation day of MQM (March-20-2006)

MQM Dallas Unit arranged a dinner at Wok of Fame Restaurant to celebrate 22nd Foundation day of MQM. The event was attended by workers,
supporters and their families. The event was also attended by Incharge Texas Committee Irshad Kamali Bhai and member Texas committee Kamran
Khan Bhai. Mr. Kamali congratulated the Dallasites on 22nd Foundation day of MQM. While talking to the attendants Mr. Kamali talked about Tehreek's foundation day. He also discussed the organizational matters of Dallas Unit. Attendants offered Fatiha for Haq Parast Shohada. Dua was also made for Quaid-e-Tehreek's longevity and steadfastness of all to Tehreek. Rehan Hussain Ibadat Bhai, who has recently moved to Dallas was included in the Dallas Committee as a joint incharge.