MQM Detroit Gathers Potential Investors. I.T Minister Presents A Plan of Action Via Telephonic Conference Call. (9/23/05)

MQM Detroit unit organized a high level meeting with Michigan area IT professionals, doctors, businessmen and other technocrats.

IT minister of Govt of Sindh Mustafa Kamal Bhai addressed the attendees via phone and talked about current and future IT and technology related projects. He also took suggestions from the attendees and answer there questions.

Later, Former Organizer MQM USA, Ibad U Rehman and member of the MQM USA's central organizing Moid Siddiqui also spoke in detail to technocrats explaining the prospects of technological developed in Sindh, and also on how the Technocrats can help.

Detroit is considered as the hub of manufacturing and technology in North America and also known as automotive capital of world. A sizable community of professionals (engineers, doctors, scholars and researchers) resides in this area. MQM Detroit unit is working for few years now to bring these professionals on one platform and help them use there potential to help our community in Pakistan. One such effort was formation of an organization called FREND (Forum of Researchers and Engineers for Nation's Development) two years ago this organization was revived again. Some of the important achievements are Yellow pages of Pakistani professionals, find professional resources and expertise from North America to help our community.